In a few weeks I shall be unemployed.

And so a new chapter in my working life is about to begin. In a few weeks, at the end of December, I shall be at my own behest officially unemployed. I have to admit to this being a scary thought but I suspect, if my past is the litmus test, all shall be fine.

I would love to be sitting here and telling you that I have won millions on the lottery, that I can afford to be a man of leisure, but alas that is not the case and work of some description is what I will have to do.

Although I am the least pretentious person you are likely to meet, or know, not any job will do. Not a job where I am categorised into a box, not a job where I am not challenged to deliver, not a job that has limited intellectual value, and not a job where my skill set, contribution and leadership ability is not genuinely valued.

I'm at a crossroads in my life. Do I look for gainful employment or do I once again take the path of self employment? I have to say, the latter appeals to me more but perhaps working for the right person or business with the right culture, ethos and leadership values will inspire me to change my mind. Of the two choices I don't know yet; what I do know is that I have a highly tuned skill set in the pub and hospitality industry gleaned over many years. I know that I am a passionate, charismatic and natural leader of people, I know that I am resourceful and adaptive and I know that I can add significant value to anyone's business, including my own, if that is the route I take.

The question now is which route to take? Answers on a £10 note are welcomed.

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