Anyone can run a pub. Right? 

So. You fancy running a pub?

This is what we know. The pub industry is fascinating and can be hugely rewarding, financially and emotionally, BUT its not as easy as it looks and if you haven't done it before, the school fees can be very high.


We also know that pub co's with more than 500 pubs are governed by the 'Pubs Code' (companies with less than 500 pubs can voluntarily subscribe to the code) and it is their legal obligation to ensure you have certificated Pre Entry Awareness Training - at your cost.


Please note that this is not what I offer in this course...PEAT is vital for the nuts and bolts of your future -what I offer though is personal coaching on "oh my God I didn't realise running a pub was this complicated".


The sad reality is this; as a tenant or a leaseholder, once you sign the docs, pay your money and get the keys you are mostly on your own- the area manager (if its a pub co or brewery owned pub) in most cases is there to protect the companies investment and not yours. The quality of support varies BUT there are still some companies out there who are happy to take your money, make some 'we're all in it together' noises and set you on a potential journey to disaster. 

We can help. We've been there and done that over many years. We've learnt a few things along the way, we know just about every trick in the book, we've walked the path, had the good times and also felt the pain. 


What this is, we offer coaching where we tell you about the trade, warts and all. We tell you about the stuff that no one else wants to talk about, what its really like when you're 'living the dream', what you can really expect, the really good bits and the really bad bits and everything in between! 

A must for first timers, the small fee will open your eyes and save you some pain and a small fortune!


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