BII Pre-Entry Awareness Training (PEAT) - England & Wales 

The Pre-Entry Awareness Training (PEAT) e-learning course has been designed for prospective tenants/lessees who are considering signing a pub tenancy or lease agreement in England & Wales.


It will allow individuals to identify the main issues which need to be considered and investigated before signing a pub tenancy or lease agreement.

If you are considering entering into a pub lease or tenancy agreement in England and Wales, taking PEAT will give you the knowledge you need to evaluate the agreement you are considering.

In 2016, the government introduced the Statutory Pubs Code which applies to all pub companies in England and Wales who own more then 500 tied pubs.
The Code sets out a requirement for all prospective tenants to undertake Pre-Entry Awareness Training so that they fully understand the implications of leased and tenanted pub agreements.
The majority of pub owning companies with less that 500 tied pubs also subscribe to the England & Wales Tenanted and Leased Codes of Pactise and Pre-entry Awareness Training is compulsory under these codes.

PEAT has 7 modules which include:

  • The Pub Industry 

  • Types of Agreements

  • The Tie

  • The Premises & Repairs/Maintenance 

  • Rent 

  • Business Planning 

  • Pub Company Support

  • What Next?


Average duration: 90 minutes

Completing this course will help you to prepare for your interview and subsequent meetings with your chosen pub company.


It will help you identify both the questions you need to ask and the professional advice you need to seek to enable you to make informed commercial decisions.  It will also cover the information a pub company needs to give you.