There is no need to reinvent the wheel

Performance Coaching for Pub Operators


Others will give you long and complicated speeches about what they can do and what you need to do. They've worked in the industry, sure, but some (even most) haven't actually worn your shoes - in my opinion that is having met a few of them. 


My approach is a little different. I'm not a lawyer and I'm not an accountant...I'm a realist, I'm resourceful, I'm experienced and I'm all for doing the right job with the right kit for the right money. 

Calling on years of experience and a wealth of knowledge I will do what I say I can do. Having been an operator all my working life I know the pressure on your time, I have lived in the four wall syndrome, I know what its like when the damn chef doesn't turn in and the sump pump stops working, usually at the same time!

I have two specialities that I can help you with:

1/ Running a pub business cost effectively and efficiently so...understanding the P & L/ GP's/ price setting/ facilities management/ kitchen layout/ staff planning/ supplier network & product sourcing amongst many things.


2/ Operations - what the customer sees/ feels/ hears/ experiences to give you the edge. Here I'm talking about music, retail standards, service standards, product choice, visuals, social media engagement, promotions, events, recruitment, training, protecting the licence...again amongst many other things that happens in pubs.

So, if any of the above resonates with you I would be very happy to have a chat to see what we can do together. There are no gimmicks and hidden charges - the session is a minimum 4 hours long and its £35 per hour, its payable in advance and there is no travelling time or fees if within 15 miles of Stoke on Trent. I do need to charge a fee after that though of 0.75p per mile.

Call me, lets have a chat. 07713 441322

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