Where to begin...

Neale Chandler for pub consultancy

Where to begin indeed...

Ever since God was a boy I have been pouring, serving, helping, working, thinking, owning, directing, building, renovating, negotiating, recruiting, training, networking and learning in the pub and hospitality trade.


In two countries - the UK and in South Africa - I have owned 10 hospitality businesses, I have worked in operations roles for a national pub company for 9 years (Bass Plc) and a small regional brewer & pub co [Joules Brewery Ltd) for 5 years.


I have succeeded spectacularly and on occassion I have failed miserably.


And from each I have learnt incredible lessons that I want to share. 

Its now time to give back to the trade and specifically to new entrants. I have seen many fail over many years because when the pressure was on they simply didn't know what to do, didn't know who to call and didn't recognise the early warning signals. I know that I am a better entrepreneur than I am an employee so I know why you want to do what you're doing.  I can help you with tried and tested knowledge, systems, process and contacts that have been gained over many years and that will make your chances of success greater. 

There's no guaranteed formulae for success; and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. What I do is see your business or your business opportunity with fresh eyes and help you on a more direct path that costs less than your school fees, helps to extinguish some of the burning hoops you will have to jump through and is a whole lot less painful than failure.  

Neale Chandler

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